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July 20th, 2009 
04:28 pm - Dreamwidth Cherry
It's been awhile since I've posted to a journal, its nice to be back.

Lately I've been in a bit of a slump. My creativity is down, and I just feel like watching tv/sleeping all day. It really is a struggle to do anything. I am trying something new, and maybe it will help. Finally purchased a domain and server for the comic I do. Maybe I'll be able to get back into the swing of things if I don't have to rely on deviantart to upload comics. I hate that system so much. I don't mind submitting art, but uploading comics on there depress me. xD

I think the new site will help things though. Also will be reworking the layout for it. Arg, CSI is distracting me. Will write more later. <3
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07:12 pm - CSS Hell
I hate setting up CSS scripts for journals, and this one was horrible to figure out. Just couldn't decide on what kind of look I wanted for this journal. Thank GOD for [community profile] mintyapple. Gonna tweak it a bit more but I think I'm almost done. ^^;

Also want to throw up a quick video for you all. I know its a few months old but its so incredibly adorable I can't help but post it. Hope you all enjoy!

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09:35 pm - Summer Nights
It's summer time and I have been craving scary stories like you would not believe. I rented a bunch of scary movies the other night, and I think I might rent some more tonight. I may even start playing Fatal Frame again. I'm not sure why summer time puts me in the mood to be terrified, I wonder if anyone else feels that way. On our way out, Scott and I will probably pick up some Tim Horton's too. Maple dipped & honey curled donuts sound delicious... That and an iced cappuccino with french vanilla shots. Mmmm...

Maybe this will help put you all in the mood as well, so I'll post some scary stories for you all to read by candlelight. >:D


There was a hunter in the woods, who, after a long day hunting, was in the middle of an immense forest. It was getting dark, and having lost his bearings, he decided to head in one direction until he was clear of the increasingly oppressive foliage. After what seemed like hours, he came across a cabin in a small clearing. Realizing how dark it had grown, he decided to see if he could stay there for the night. He approached, and found the door ajar. Nobody was inside. The hunter flopped down on the single bed, deciding to explain himself to the owner in the morning.

As he looked around the inside of the cabin, he was surprised to see the walls adorned by several portraits, all painted in incredible detail. Without exception, they appeared to be staring down at him, their features twisted into looks of hatred and malice. Staring back, he grew increasingly uncomfortable. Making a concerted effort to ignore the many hateful faces, he turned to face the wall, and exhausted, he fell into a restless sleep.

The next morning, the hunter awoke — he turned, blinking in unexpected sunlight. Looking up, he discovered that the cabin had no portraits, only windows.


More scary stories under the cut... )

Hope you all enjoy the stories, have to get back to work on comics now. xD
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