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Name:Canadian Superstar
Birthdate:Feb 14
Website:Sushi Graphics
An anime/manga enthusiast who also enjoys various videogames. Will be using this blog to chat about myself and also to post up interesting things I find on the web. Feel free to add me to your circle, I will most likely add you to mine. :)

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10 things i hate about you, 4chan, aion, akon, alice borchardt, angel sanctuary, angels, animals, anime, anime conventions, aqua teen hunger force, aquarius, arrested development, art, avatar, azumanga daioh, batman, being a dork, bishonen, bleach, bomberman, cats, chai tea, clamp, coffee, color, comics, computers, cookies, copics, cupcakes, curry, cute, david eddings, day of the tentacle, ddr, deathnote, debate, demons, depression, disneyland, dramacon, drawing, dreamwidth, edward cullen, fantasy, fatal frame, ferrets, final fantasy, foxes, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, futurama, gaia, george r.r. martin, girl friends, giving advice, gloomy, gmail, gothic lolita, graphics, graphics design, hana-kimi, harry potter, hello kitty, heroes, icons, internet, interview with the vampire, invader zim, ipod, itouch, japan, jk rowling, king of the hill, kingdom hearts, kuromi, layouts, left 4 dead, lion king, lucky star, making friends, manga, medieval, meerkat manor, music, mythology, naruto, one piece, ouran, ouran high school host club, pandas, penny arcade, philip pullman, pinky and the brain, playing, playing ds, playstation, pokemon, poltergeist, princess bride, psychology, quirkiness, read or die, reading, relationships, rob pattinson, rp, rpgs, sam & max, sandman, sashimi, scarborough faire, scary movies, sci-fi, secrets, simpsons, singing, sleep, snow, song of ice and fire series, sparkly things, spock, squaresoft, squidbillies, star ocean, star trek, stargazing, stuffed animals, sugar, super smash brothers, sushi, swimming, texas, texting, the fifth element, the lion king, the office, twilight, twitter, ugly betty, utada hikaru, v for vendetta, valve, vampires, vgcats, video games, wallpapers, warcraft, webcomics, werewolves, wii, wolves, world of warcraft, writing, xbox 360, zelda, zombies
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